Dental care for children and teenagers up to 18 years of age is paid for by the Icelandic Health Insurance (Sjúkratryggingar Íslands). When a child first comes to the dentist, a fee of 2.500 Icelandic crowns has to be paid. This fee is paid every 12 months, however all other costs are automatically paid by the health insurance. This means that coming with your child to the dentist in Iceland is almost free of charge. Dental health insurance becomes active around 6 months after the child moves to Iceland.


What services are paid for by Icelandic Health Insurance?


Most of the dental care for children is paid by the health insurance. The free services include regular check-ups, x-rays, cleanings, preventive treatments, white fillings (dental composites), tooth extractions, root canal treatments and even some early orthodontics. Please note that orthodontics with brackets is not paid for by the health insurance!


When is the right time for the first visit to the dentist?


It is recommended that children visit the dentist at 3 years of age the latest.


The first visit to the dentist should be a positive experience. If the appointment is short and fun for the child, he or she will leave smiling and will look forward to visiting the clinic again. However, if the first appointment is lengthy and involves difficult treatment, he or she is more likely to associate going to the dentist with negative emotions.


Many adults experience some sort of discomfort when coming to the dentist, ranging from mild anxiety to extreme phobia. The roots of most of these fears lie in their childhood, when he or she had received treatment they were not ready for. Perhaps that visit was difficult, lengthy, they had a feeling that they had no control of the situation or experienced pain during or after the treatment. When children come to the dentist for a simple check-up and tooth cleaning, they will get a positive experience that will make them more open for subsequent visits. That is the reason why you should not wait until problems develop with your child´s teeth before coming to the dentist.


The check-up appointments are short and it might seem that the dentist is not doing much work, but actually the opposite is true. Our primary goal is to help the child associate visiting the dental clinic with positive emotions, so that they will feel more comfortable going to the dentist. We can also identify developing dental problems and address them before they result in broken teeth and painful infections. Fixing a small cavity takes a much shorter time and is more comfortable for the child than fixing a bigger problem.


An appropriate time to schedule the first visit to the dentist is when all of of the primary (milk) teeth have erupted – between 2 and 3 years of age. Younger children are of course welcome to us as well!


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